The Meaning of the New Florida Chalice

What does this image communicate?


The chalice clearly says "Disciple" and speaks of healing, filling and communion. Its Saint Andrews Cross expresses our desire to share the goodness of God. The yellow sunshine speaks of Florida and its warm, bright sunlight. The variety of greens indicate the lush greenery of our palm trees and flora. Green and yellow always portray the life and the light of Jesus Christ. The blues toward the bottom of the image portray the ocean that surrounds us and the water in which we are cleansed and baptized! The light blue above the horizon reminds us of the sky and the dove is an eloquent message about life made new and the promise of hope in God. The ribbon that flows through the picture is floating as if on a breeze and is made up of many pieces like a mosaic. Some have said that this ribbon resembles a stole worn by a worship leader. We will always be "The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Florida" and this image tells a rich story of Florida Disciples ... Alive ... Moving ... Rich in Heritage ... Full of Promise ... Steeped in Gratitude and Faith! This is the image officially approved by our Regional Church Board to move us forward ... to encourage our best, fresh thinking as we work to be a relevant, vital faith community as Disciples of Christ congregations serving God together! We are partners in Christ's service!